Housing Ecosystem

Living in a stable, safe, high quality and affordable home and neighborhood is critical to health and quality of life.

Urban housing in New York City

What is the housing ecosystem? 

Housing Ecosystem Experience Map

Nine out of 10 people believe stable, affordable housing is important to their security and well-being.

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Housing and Health Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable, safe, quality housing provides stability to individuals and families. Access to walkable neighborhoods, parks, transportation and food options is fundamental to good health.

Leading Topics in Health and Housing


Initiatives making a difference

National Low Income Housing Coalition 

The NLIHC provides resources and policy guidance about access to affordable, safe, quality housing. Resources include state-by-state maps and statistics about state and local issues.



Enterprise Community Partners provides tools for a holistic view of neighborhoods. Enter an address for neighborhood rankings on various metrics, including affordable housing, neighborhood parks, education, healthy food, jobs, transportation and air quality. 

Undesign the Redline

This localized interactive tool informs the community about structural determinants of health, including a look at how factors like structural racism and classism influence residential segregation, lending practices and decades of wealth inequities.

On the Path to Health Equity

The Health Outcomes Demonstration Project is a joint initiative between Enterprise Community Partners and Neighbor Works that helps communities assess the impact of various programs on health outcomes, specifically related to social determinants of health. 

In the News

Curated News and Feature Stories from the AHA

Picture Gallery 

A resource for creating presentations and print materials addressing various aspects of housing and health.