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  • 51. 2015 Mason Dixon Heart Walk 5ason Dixon Heart Walk
  • 52. Capital Region Heart Walk and Run Join thousands in the fight against heart disease and stroke!
  • 53. Rochester NY Walking Paths Did you know there are 30 American Heart Association walking paths at parks, towns, schools and workplaces throughout Monroe County? Start walking today and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle!
  • 54. North Texas Events Thank you for visiting our North Texas Events page. You can find more events going on in the DFW area by going to and
  • 55. Syracuse Heart Walk The 2017 Syracuse Heart Walk will be held at the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College on Saturday, April 1.

Our Mission

We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

American Heart Association
2015-2016 Expenditures

Pie chart showing breakdown of expenses
  • Research 20.3%
  • Public Health Education 36.7%
  • Professional Education and Training 16.7%
  • Community Services 8.1%
  • Management and General 7.1%
  • Fund Raising 11.1%