STEMI System Strategies

Updated:Jul 19,2011

The American Heart Association applauds established STEMI systems as pioneers in their own right, having received little or no guidance from outside parties.
Regional stakeholders have united to develop and implement a plan to utilize all available resources to deliver timely and high-quality care to STEMI patients.

As Mission: Lifeline helps establish more STEMI systems across this country, the American Heart Association recognizes the wealth of knowledge and experience that established STEMI systems have to offer. Tapping into these precious resources and creating an online directory of established STEMI systems will accomplish two things:

  1. Provide guidance to newly developing STEMI systems, which can learn from the successes and struggles of their predecessors
  2. Allow established STEMI systems to network, explore other models and make ongoing improvements

Furthermore, Mission: Lifeline has defined strategies specifically for key players in a STEMI system of care, including: