What Is the Workplace Health Achievement Index?

Updated:Jun 21,2017
  • The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index (“Index”), is a self-assessment scorecard that measures the comprehensiveness and quality of a company’s workplace health program, and the overall heart health of its employees.
  • The Index scores and rates companies using two sets of metrics:
    • 55 yes or no questions measure seven organizational best practices: leadership, reporting outcomes, programs, policies and environment, partnerships, engagement and communications.
    • 3 performance measures are based on the objective, science-based assessment of employee heart health using Life Simple 7 data.
  • Performance data can be supplied using the My Life Check tool, or companies have the option to submit Life Simple 7 equivalent data from their own data systems.
  • Companies taking the Index assessment will receive a benchmark report showing how their individual results compare to peer companies based on size and industry type.
  • An extensive Resource Library is available to guide users to making improvements based on potential gaps identified by the assessment.
  • Companies participating in the Index are eligible for annual recognitions and awards from the American Heart Association based on Index Scores.
  • The Workplace Health Achievement Index Questions can be downloaded as a pdf to see the specific measures and to use to prepare for taking the Index assessment online. 

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