Workplace Health Index Recognition & Awards

Updated:Jun 21,2017

The AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index allows companies to qualify for bronze, silver or gold level recognition based on their Index score. While multiple companies may be recognized annually if they achieve the required recognition threshold for each level, companies achieving Gold level recognition will be eligible to apply for the prestigious American Heart Association Healthiest Workplace Award.

Health Index Recognition

The Workplace Health Achievement Index scores companies on seven organizational best practices (leadership, engagement, programs, policies and environment, partnerships, communications, and reporting outcomes) and the objective, unbiased assessment of overall workplace health using aggregate data from My Life Check or an equivalent source. There are a maximum of 217 points possible for completion of the Workplace Health Achievement Index during the first year of participation. Additional points are possible into the second year of participation and beyond to score achievement based on demonstrating year-to-year improvement in the overall health and participation of their workforce. After the first year of participation, there are a maximum of 250 points possible.


Year one: Index scores
of 86 – 129 points
Year two: Index scores
of 100 – 149 points


Year one: Index scores
of 130 – 174 points
Year two: Index scores
of 150 – 199 points


Year one: Index scores
of 175 – 217 points
Year two: Index scores
of 200 – 250 points

Healthiest Workplace Awards

Healthiest Workplace

The Healthiest Workplace Awards will be given annually to individual companies with the highest Index score in their employer size and industry type categories (if eligible):

Employer Size:

  • Less than 50
  • 50 – 249
  • 250 – 749
  • 750 – 4,999
  • Over 5,000

Industry Type:

The Healthiest Workplace Award by industry type uses the 22 standardized codes specified by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Recognition Awards and Benefits

Depending on the recognition or award, recipients may receive:

  • a congratulatory letter from American Heart Association CEO, Nancy Brown
  • a plaque designating the recognition level for the year achieved
  • a fill-in-the-blank press release for one-time use
  • a digital icon badge designating the recognition level achieved. The badge may be used for internal and external websites, social media, employee recruitment and retention material. All uses must be accompanied by an AHA authorized statement of relationship and adhere to usage guidelines.

Recognition and Award Process

Recognitions and awards are based on a company’s score from completing the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index. Companies are encourages to go into the Index as often as necessary to keep their assessments current and in line with improvements made in their workplace health program or culture of health environment. The ultimate goal is to drive improvements, drive up the score and celebrate your successes with higher levels of recognition from the American Heart Association.

Index scores in the system as of March 31st at midnight Pacific Time are used to determine recognition and award recipients. Winners will be announced the following summer.

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