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Updated:Sep 28,2017
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Thank You!

In the almost 20 y ear history of Hoops For Heart, the American Heart Association has been able to impact many lives thanks to the support of teachers like you. Over the years, we have funded scientists who went on to win Nobel Prizes for their work! The American Heart Association has been able to work with health care providers to reduce the number of people dying from heart disease and stroke by 25% and those achievements are all because of lifesaving donations your students have raised!

Simple Way to Grow Your Hoops For Heart Event

Students and parents can spend just a few minutes raising money for a Hoops For Heart event and make the same impact as they would by spending hours on the phone or on in-person requests! With our online donation tool, supporters can give donations in the same amount of time it takes them to sign up for a new email address or update a Facebook status. Find out more about why online donations can be a major benefit to your school’s efforts.

Resources for Your Hoops For Heart Event

Do you need a thank you gift order form? Looking for a computer lesson plan that can help your students understand online donations? Find a list of fantastic resources to help you create your Hoops For Heart event!

Resources For Your School

Is your school looking for lesson plans and resources to help teach students about living heart healthy lifestyles? Would you like to know more about how the NFL has partnered with the American Heart Association to inspire students to live healthier lives? Visit our website for tools to teach students to be heart-healthy for life.

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Olivia Age 10

Olivia Age 10

You can be the one! Draw us a picture about Jump Rope For Heart or Hoops for Heart!

We are looking for designs for next year's Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart materials. Draw or color a picture about Jump Rope for Heart or Hoops for Heart and submit your design online by January 31, 2015. Every drawing submitted will be added to a gallery that can be seen by other kids ALL OVER the Nation! WOW! Voting will determine the Top Ten most popular designs and then voting will begin again to determine the winners. One winning design will be selected for Jump Rope one for Heart and Hoops for Heart! Your picture could be used on one of our posters, collection envelopes, or even featured in our video!

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Submit a Video with Heart

Would your child like to share a message from the heart of your family? Help your child to record a short, 1- to 3-minute video about healthy eating, being active or how heart disease may have affected someone you all love. Help your child upload your video to our site so they can tell your story to boys and girls everywhere!

Get Your Game On!

Are students getting bored with shooting free throws or doing layups? Check out these neat basketball skills and games!

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Your students’ online security is very important to the American Heart Association. If you would like to know more about how we keep children safe and maintain their privacy, please read our direct notice to parents.

Cool Thank-You Gifts You Can Earn

Hoops For Heart Basketball 2015For making a difference and raising donations, the American Heart Association offers thank-you gifts that help students have even more fun. Check your collection envelopes or ask your American Heart Association representative for a list of the thank-you gift levels that students can earn.

Need Help? Got Questions? Have Ideas to Share?

We would love to hear from you. If you have something to share that can help us, please get in touch with the American Heart Association.

For assistance with your website or online fundraising, contact us online or at 877-824-8531.