Weight Management and Blood Pressure

Updated:Aug 14,2014

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Maintaining a healthy weight provides many health benefits. If you are overweight, losing as little as five to ten pounds may help lower your blood pressure.

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Here are some great reasons to manage your weight:

  • Being overweight puts you at greater risk of developing health problems.
    Find out whether losing some weight may help you lower your blood pressure with our High Blood Pressure Risk Calculator.
  • A little weight loss can bring a lot of health gains!
    Did you know you may experience health benefits from losing as few as 10 pounds? Even a small weight loss can reduce blood pressure and/or prevent hypertension in many overweight people (those with a Body Mass Index of 25 or greater). BMI stands for Body Mass Index, a numerical value of your weight in relation to your height. BMIs are good indicators of healthy or unhealthy weights for adult men and women, regardless of body frame size.
  • Weight loss reduces the strain on the heart.
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  • Ideally, you should strive to maintain a healthy weight.
    If your doctor recommends that you lose weight, there are a variety of healthcare professionals who can help get you on the right track. People who are slowly gaining weight can either gradually increase the level of physical activity (toward the equivalent of 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity), or reduce caloric intake, or both, until their weight is stable.
  • The two essentials to maintaining a healthy weight are:
    • Eating well
    • Moving often
  • If you need to lose weight, talk to your healthcare professional about a healthy approach.

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