Rise Above Heart Failure Toolkit

HF Toolkit

Heart Failure Go-To-Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Our new Go-To-Guide is an easy-to-use, interactive tool designed to empower doctors and nurses to engage heart failure patients. Access resources your organization can use to deliver effective patient education, as well as AHA’s latest patient engagement tools.

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Heart Failure Patient Education Checklist

Deliver consistent and effective patient education by using our new patient education checklist. This tool can help ensure your discharge team provides patients needed information and instructions before they leave the hospital.

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Heart Failure Signs and Symptoms Infographic

Remind your team to educate patients about the signs and symptoms of heart failure with this poster.

download now the Heart Failure Signs and Symptoms Infographic
additional resources

My Heart Failure Guide
Help your patients manage their symptoms and reduce their risk by sharing our free interactive workbook.

HF Path
A digital self-management program to help give patients a better quality of life through symptom management, treatment adherence and social support. Available both in web and app. versions.

Self-Check Plan
Our printable sheet makes it easy for your patients to track their symptoms. Also available in Spanish.

Answers By Heart
These downloadable patient information sheets can help your patients understand their condition and needed lifestyle changes.
HF & Your Ejection Fraction Explained
Educate your patients about ejection fraction with this worksheet. Also available in Spanish.
Support Network
Connect your patients with peer-to-peer support by recommending our online Support Network.

HF Series in Heart Insight Magazine

HI mag coverBig Heart Problem
In the first of a four-part series on heart failure, we investigate what it is, what causes it and what’s the prognosis.

The Unrelaxing Heart
The second installment explains heart failure with muscle intact. Queen Latifah and her mom, Rita, share their personal experience with Rita’s own heart failure diagnosis.

The Ins and Outs of Hospitalization
Heart failure patients are often hospitalized. This article looks at managing self-care to minimize just how often re-hospitalizations happen.

Shared Decision Making for Advanced HF
When HF progresses to an advanced stage, there are many decisions to be made. Here we delve into the importance of shared decision making.

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