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  • 1. The Salty Six Infographic... Eating Healthy Day; Nutrition Basics; Seasonal Eating; Sodium and Salt. ... The Salty Six Infographic. ... These six popular foods can add high levels of ... nfographic

  • 2. Salty Six for Kids Infographic... school cafeterias and not from the salt shaker. ... Last Updated: March 6, 2017. ... Salty Six Infographic The Salty Six Infographic. 7 Salty Sodium Myths ... or-kids-infographic

  • 3. A closer look at the Salty Six - Sodium Breakup... to find out if your poultry has been plumped up with a salt solution – a ... your tips for making smarter choices when it comes to the Salty Six – leave a ...

  • 4. The Salty Six – surprising foods that add the most sodium to ...... Salty Six” – to show you the top six foods that ... these foods don't necessarily taste salty, the sodium ... as much about how we handle the salt shaker as ... um-diets/

  • 5. Sodium and Kids - Sodium Breakup... The top six foods are illustrated in our Salty Six for Kids ... Kids may not prefer so much salt if they're ... that they used to prefer may taste too salty to them ...

  • 6. Six Salty Foods Found In The Common Diet — Go Red For ...... 6. Sandwiches. Burgers and sandwiches are another hidden trove of salt, particularly if ... Check out the infographic on “The Salty Six” and learn more ... eart-disease-and-be-heart-healthy/six-salty-foods-found-in-the-common-diet/ -diet/

  • 7. The Salty Six Infographic... Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese). The Salty Six Infographic. View the text information for the Salty Six. Download a printable PDF. ... /The-Salty-Six-Infographic_UCM_446591_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 8. How much salt are you eating? Beware the sodium in these “ ...... How much salt are you eating? Beware the sodium in these “Salty Six” foods. On National Eating Healthy Day, learn about ... -240532

  • 9.[PDF] DS-9158 Salty Six Kids-Spanish_12-16-LR... Para PANES & ROLLS CARNES FRΝAS&AHUMADAS LOS ALIMENTOS QUE LE SUMAN SODIOA LA DIETA, EN EDADES DE 6 A 18: ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... ds-Spanish-infographic-pdf.pdf?la=en

  • 10. March is Nutrition Month | American Heart Association... This is the American Heart Association's Salty Six Infographic highlighting six popular foods that can add high levels of sodium to your diet. ... Salt. ...

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