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  • 1. The Salty Six Infographic... Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese). The Salty Six Infographic. View the text information for the Salty Six. Download a printable PDF. ... hyEating/The-Salty-Six-Infographic_UCM_446591_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 2. The Salty Six – surprising foods that add the most sodium to ...... the salt shaker as it is about what is already in our food. Take a look at the foods in the Salty Six: Salty Six Infographic Shows the Top 6 Foods that ... um-diets/

  • 3. The Salty Six... The Salty Six. ... These six popular foods can add high levels of sodium to your diet. ... Learn more: Processed Foods: Where is all that salt coming from? ... hyEating/The-Salty-Six_UCM_468866_Article.jsp

  • 4. The Salty Six for Kids Infographic... Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese). The Salty Six for Kids Infographic. View the text information for the Salty Six for Kids. Download a printable PDF. ... hyEating/The-Salty-Six-for-Kids-Infographic_UCM_469565_SubHomePage.jsp p

  • 5. The Salty Six Spanish Infographic- Los seis salados... The Salty Six Spanish Infographic- Los seis salados. View the text information for the Salty Six in Spanish. Download a printable PDF. ... hyEating/The-Salty-Six-Spanish-Infographic--Los-seis-salados_UCM_469546_SubHomePage.jsp 46_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 6. A closer look at the Salty Six - Sodium Break Up : Sodium ...... smarter choices when it comes to the Salty Six – leave a ... my tips for how to ditch excess salt and still ... Check out our blog, the Salty Scoop, to see the ...

  • 7. Six Salty Foods Found In The Common Diet — Go Red For ...... 6. Sandwiches. Burgers and sandwiches are another hidden trove of salt, particularly if ... Check out the infographic on “The Salty Six” and learn more ... eart-disease-and-be-heart-healthy/six-salty-foods-found-in-the-common-diet/ -diet/

  • 8. hyDietGoals/Salty-Six_UCM_446090_Article.jsp

  • 9. The result of eating too much salt can be measured in blood ...... Salty Six infographic and salt and blood pressure photos are located in the right column of this release link ... can-be-measured-in-blood-pressure

  • 10. Los Seis Salados Para Los Niños Infographic en EspañolThe American Heart Association helps you learn the top six common foods that are common in kids' diets that are also high in sodium. hyEating/Los-Seis-Salados-Para-Los-Ni%C3%B1os-Infographic-en-Espa%C3%B1ol_UCM_471881_SubHomePage.jsp B1ol_UCM_471881_SubHomePage.jsp

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