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  • 1. The Salty Six – surprising foods that add the most sodium to ...... the salt shaker as it is about what is already in our food. Take a look at the foods in the Salty Six: Salty Six Infographic Shows the Top 6 Foods that ... um-diets/

  • 2. The Salty Six Infographic... Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese). The Salty Six Infographic. View the text information for the Salty Six. Download a printable PDF. ... n/The-Salty-Six-Infographic_UCM_446591_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 3. A closer look at the Salty Six - Sodium Break Up : Sodium ...... Salty Six LARGE. ... A lot of bread doesn't even taste salty, but one piece can have ... But nuggets tend to have a lot of added salt, and even fresh poultry ...

  • 4. The Salty Six for Kids Infographic... Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese). The Salty Six for Kids Infographic. View the text information for the Salty Six for Kids. Download a printable PDF. ... n/The-Salty-Six-for-Kids-Infographic_UCM_469565_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 5. The Salty Six... The Salty Six. ... These six popular foods can add high levels of sodium to your diet. ... Learn more: Processed Foods: Where is all that salt coming from? ... n/The-Salty-Six_UCM_468866_Article.jsp

  • 6. The Salty Six Spanish Infographic- Los seis salados... The Salty Six Spanish Infographic- Los seis salados. View the text information for the Salty Six in Spanish. Download a printable PDF. ... n/The-Salty-Six-Spanish-Infographic--Los-seis-salados_UCM_469546_SubHomePage.jsp omePage.jsp

  • 7. Sodium and Kids - Sodium Break Up : Sodium Break Up... Most kids get too much salt, but you can ... Children ages 6-18 get their daily sodium about: ... Salty Six for Kids large Grocery store and restaurant foods ...

  • 8. Six Salty Foods Found In The Common Diet — Go Red For ...... 6. Sandwiches. Burgers and sandwiches are another hidden trove of salt, particularly if ... Check out the infographic on “The Salty Six” and learn more ... eart-disease-and-be-heart-healthy/six-salty-foods-found-in-the-common-diet/ -diet/

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  • 10. Heart-Encyclopedia - salt... salt. Salt is a crystalline compound that contains sodium, but the two are not synonymous. Many people eat too much salt ... 445084_Encyclopedia.jsp?levelSelected=6&title=salt

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