Register Your System of Care

Updated:Jul 1,2016

Register Your System of Care
The first step in participation with Mission: Lifeline® is completing our online registration for your system of care. Your answers are important in helping us understand how STEMI and cardiac resuscitation systems of care operate in communities across the nation, so we can determine the best ways to help improve performance.

Once the registration has been submitted, your hospital will start receiving information about Mission: Lifeline systems of care. It may take several weeks before your system is displayed on the Mission: Lifeline mapping tool as a staff approval is required.

A few important things to know before you get started:
  • This registration should be filled out on behalf of your entire system of care, not just one specific hospital, EMS agency, etc.
  • When setting up a login for the registration system, select a system-wide user name and password that can be shared in case multiple people would be required to complete the survey or an additional person may need access to make corrections in the future. 
  •  An approved STEMI system of care is a required element of a cardiac resuscitation system of care registration. Cardiac resuscitation systems can be registered concurrently with a new STEMI system or added to a previously approved STEMI system.
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