The Ideal STEMI and Cardiac Resuscitation System of Care

Updated:Oct 18,2012

In the ideal STEMI and Cardiac Resuscitation system of care, all parties with a vested interest in the treatment of STEMI and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients - from EMS providers to cardiologists, from hospital administrators to policymakers and from third-party payers to the public - share a common belief that quality and timely patient care is the top priority. There is a mutual respect for the critical role of each player in the system. Individual parties are not out to promote their own self-serving interests. Rather, everyone works together to build a consensus on what the ideal STEMI and cardiac resuscitation system looks like for their region, considering its unique challenges. The Mission: Lifeline® systems are based on achieving the ideals of each entity in order to organize collaborative care, to increase survival and to decrease the incidence of disability from STEMI and out of hospital cardiac arrest.