Get With The Guidelines®-Resuscitation Benchmarking Group Assigment Guide

Updated:Oct 31,2013
Get With The Guidelines®-Resuscitation collects data on resuscitation events from hospitals across the U.S. The data is used to provide participating hospitals with feedback on their resuscitation practice and patient outcomes as well as to develop new evidence- based guidelines for resuscitation.
As a Get With The Guidelines-Resuscitation hospital, your site has the ability to compare your performance to other similar Get With The Guidelines sites.  These benchmarking groups allow you to analyze your hospital’s performance level on key Get With The Guidelines-Resuscitation MEASURES and to better determine where improvements may be needed.
Where can I find the benchmarking groups?
Within the Patient Management ToolTM  (PMT), the benchmarking groups are found on the Reports tab under the Configurable Measure Reports link. Each benchmarking group to which your hospital is assigned will appear in the “Compare to:” box.
How is my hospital assigned to benchmarking groups?
You will need to self-assign your hospital to several of the benchmarking groups. Other groups, such as the State or Region groups will be assigned for your hospital based off of the Census Regions and Divisions of the United States. In order to ensure that your hospital is appropriately able to compare your performance to other similar Get With The Guidelines-Resuscitation sites, please take the following steps:
  1. Go to the PMT Community Page and within the My Hospital Characteristics box click on “Update Resus Site Characteristics.”
  2. Confirm that your Organization Contact Information, Mailing Address, General, and Contract Contact Information are correct.
  3. Within the Resuscitation Questionnaire section, please assign (or re-assign) your hospital to the appropriate benchmarking group based on your site’s characteristics. Please use the following guide to help with your selections.
  • Bed Size for CPA: Choose the category that reflects the number of non-pediatric beds in your hospital. For example, if your hospital has 600 total beds and 200 designated pediatric beds, you would select the response option of 400-499 beds.
  • Bed Size for MET: Choose the category that reflects the number of non-pediatric, non-ICU beds in your hospital. For example, if your hospital has 600 total beds, 200 designated pediatric beds, and 30 ICU beds, you would select 300+ beds (reflecting the 370 non-pediatric, non-ICU beds).
  • Pediatric only hospitals: Answer “Yes” if your facility is entering pediatric patients into Get With The Guidelines- Resuscitation and meets the criteria outlined in the following definition:
    • Your hospital is a freestanding Children’s Hospital.
    • Your hospital has a designated Children’s Hospital within your institution. This would include hospitals with major medical-center pediatric departments that are so large they function almost as if they are a separate hospital within a hospital, with their own staffs, operating rooms, and other support services.
  • Pediatric Beds: Choose the category that reflects the number of pediatric beds in your hospital.
  • Newborn/Neonate Levels: Choose the level of newborn intensive care that your hospital provides.