STEMI and Cardiac Resuscitation EMS Strategies to Achieve Ideal

Updated:Apr 12,2012

Mission: Lifeline® has defined strategies for the ideal EMS. In addition to the strategies for the ideal STEMI system EMS, these strategies exist for the ideal STEMI and Cardiac Resuscitation system EMS:

  • Implements and maintains destinations protocols for triage of patients to hospitals able to care for out of hospital Cardiac Arrest patients
  • Emergency medical dispatchers provide bystanders CPR instruction
  • Provides audit and feedback of cardiac arrest process and outcome to provider and EMS
  • Ambulances dispatched to suspected Cardiac Resuscitation have 12-lead ECG and manual defibrillator equipment where permitted by law and transport highest priority to appropriate receiving center
  • Field triage of patients with return of circulation after arrest to Cardiac Resuscitation Receiving Center, when feasible (including transport time < 45 minutes longer than nearest hospital)
  • Able to communicate ECG results to the Cardiac Resuscitation Receiving Center when possible
  • Send patient to the closest, most appropriate Cardiac Resuscitation Referral or Receiving Center
  • External certification not self-designation as part of cardiac resuscitation system of care
  • Should include at least compression-only CPR training for all employees