Mission: Lifeline Report Updates

Updated:Jul 6,2016
Mission: Lifeline® Report Updates
March 29, 2016

The 2016 Q3 Mission: Lifeline® STEMI Receiving Center, STEMI Referring Center, and Regional Reports have been generated and posted to the ACTION Registry® GWTG™ website.  2014 Q4 reports are expected to be on time.

Point of Clarity: The data definition for Mission: Lifeline's® reported measure of FMC to PCI includes: 
  • All STEMI Admissions arriving by AMBULANCE (seq. 3100)
  • PCI is primary reperfusion strategy (seq. 7100, 7109)
  • STEMI noted on first ECG (seq. 4041)
  • FMC time and device time are not missing, are not negative, and are not >12 hours (seq. 3105,3106, 7103,7104)
Please feel free to contact us at missionlifeline@heart.org for any questions.

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