Mission: Lifeline Report Updates

Updated:Jan 31,2017
Mission: Lifeline® Report Updates
January 31, 2017
The Q3 2016 Mission: Lifeline Hospital and Regional Reports have been posted and are now available via the NCDR website.
Updates to the Q3 2016 Mission: Lifeline STEMI Receiving Center Reports include the following:
  • Mission: Lifeline has expanded to include NSTEMI  and has 5 NSTEMI Measures that are analyzed and reported in the Mission: Lifeline Receiving Center reports.  Hospitals have the opportunity to achieve Mission: Lifeline STEMI and/or Mission: Lifeline NSTEMI recognition.
  • Mission: Lifeline EMS FMC to PCI Measure - EMS Non-System Reason for Delay has been added as an exclusion when EMS FMC to PCI > 90 Minutes.
    • Additional Information regarding EMS FMC to PCI - When there is an EMS Non-System Reason For Delay or a Non-System reason for delay documented, and EMS FMC to PCI is within 90 minutes, that patient record remains in the denominator of the measure, so long as all other inclusion criteria are met.
  • Aspirin within 24 hours of Arrival and AHA on Discharge - Exclusions include patients who received warfarin, dibigatran, rivaroxaban or apixaban at home and/or at discharge.
Mission: Lifeline EMS FMC to PCI Measure Inclusions and Exclusions
  • All STEMI Admissions arriving by AMBULANCE (Seq 3100)
  • PCI is the primary reperfusion strategy (Seq 7100,7109)
  • STEMI noted on first ECG (Seq 4041)
  • EMS FMC time and device time are not missing, are not negative and are not >12 hours (Seq 3105,3106 and 7103,7104)
  • Age <18 (Seq 2050)
  • Transfers In (Seq 3110)
  • STEMI Diagnosed on subsequent ECG (Seq 4041)
  • Thrombolytics administered prior to PCI (Seq 8020, 8023,8024)
  • Non-Primary PCI
  • Patients who did not receive Primary PCI within 90 minutes AND had documented FMC by non-EMS personnel Seq 3111,3112), EMS non-system reason for delay (Seq 3108) or non-system reason for delay in PCI (Seq 7110)
The Updated Mission: Lifeline Receiving Center sample report and glossary will be posted soon.
Special Note: There are no changes to the Q3 2016 Mission: Lifeline Referring Center Reports nor the Mission: Lifeline Regional Reports.
Reminder: The Q4 2016 ACTION Registry®-GWTGTM data deadline is quickly approaching. All data must be entered by February 28, 2017 and with a GREEN DQR status for the hospital's data to be eligible for 2017 Mission: Lifeline STEMI and NSTEMI recognition analysis
Please feel free to contact  missionlifeline@heart.org for any questions.

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