Heart Attack (STEMI) Referring Center Accreditation

Listen to the Mission: Lifeline STEMI Accreditation Informational Webinar recorded August 31, 2015 to learn about the requirements for the latest accreditation cycle.

STEMI (Heart Attack) Referring Center Accreditation
identifies hospitals that participate in coordinated systems of care for ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) and meet the following standards: 
  • facilitation of immediate STEMI patient transfer to PCI-capable receiving centers
  • expertise and equipment to treat STEMI patients with thrombolytic therapy, if appropriate and if prompt transfer is not an option
  • treatment of STEMI patients according to American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology guidelines
  • use of protocols for immediate treatment and transfer of STEMI patients
  • prompt transfer of patient data to receiving center hospital team 
  • coordination of patient’s return to local community and follow-up care after discharge from receiving center 
This accreditation is provided through a partnership between the American Heart Association and the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, a healthcare credentialing organization that shares our quest to deliver quality heart attack treatment at hospitals across the nation.

Tools and Resources
Hospital teams that commit to earning STEMI (Heart Attack) Receiving Center accreditation are supported by tools, resources and access to program representatives who can answer questions along the way.
Promotion and Branding
To download logos and branding guidelines, please contact the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care.  If you have not received your accreditation logo and branding guidelines, contact bizdev@scpcp.org.

Accreditation is news worth sharing. Hospitals are encouraged to celebrate their accreditation and display the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care seal and AHA Heart-Check mark symbol proudly. In addition, the American Heart Association provides recognition to accredited hospitals on our quality map.
Hospital teams that have achieved accreditation know the process and the pride that comes with it. Here's what a few of them have to say about their experience:
  • It is a natural progression for Mission: Lifeline recognized hospitals to achieve accreditation status.
  • It improves cardiac care by providing a standardized, team approach to the treatment of STEMI patients.
  • It forwards the mission of both organizations with a combined goal to improve the consistency of cardiac care.
  • It strengthens the community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services by the distinguished recognition of the AHA brand.
  • Accredited hospitals will be able to use the AHA’S ACCREDITATION HEART CHECK MARK to promote their accomplishment.
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