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Every heart failure diagnosis a fight. Every step towards a better quality of life is a win. And every patient that stays healthy is a victory worth celebrating. Complete the following information to register your hospital for the Target: Heart Failure imitative and join the fight. You will receive information on Target: Heart Failure along with ways your hospital can improve patient care and reduce 30-day heart failure readmissions.

The Target: Heart Failure initiative is helping lead that fight by providing healthcare professionals with content-rich resources and materials designed to help advance heart failure awareness, prevention and treatment.

Access our newest clinical resource, the Target:HF App at For the first time since its creation, Target: Heart Failure brings together its Risk Calculator, Clinical Tools with the ability to be filled out in-app, the Target: HF Clinical resources and patient resources together into one app.

Target: Heart Failure strives to improve quality, care transitions, and outcomes for patients with heart failure utilizing patient-centered domains and leveraging the American Heart Association’s premier quality improvement suite of resources including Get With The Guidelines®-Heart Failure.

With Target: Heart Failure, your hospital will increase the likelihood of better quality of life for your patient and reduced 30-day readmissions through Medication Optimization, Early Follow-up Care and Coordination and Enhanced Patient Education.

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Participation in Target: Heart Failure means you will be committing to focus on a patient population that is in constant need of increased education and discovering new ways to manage their chronic condition. Anyone can participate in Target: Heart Failure. Simply register using the form below:

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