Introducing the Get With The Guidelines-AFIB Ablation Feature

Updated:Aug 16,2017

Targeting a New Area of AFib Care

The use of catheter ablation as a care option for atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients is growing. So is the need to document and benchmark its use. 

We're answering the need by adding a catheter ablation feature to Get With The Guidelines-AFIB, our comprehensive quality program that provides medical teams with tools and resources for improving AFib care.

Offered at no additional cost to participating hospitals, the new feature not only tracks and benchmarks catheter ablation treatment, but also provides a 180-day follow-up form to measure post-ablation patient outcomes. 

If your hospital participates in Get With The Guidelines-AFIB, we hope you'll plan to start using the catheter ablation feature when it becomes available this December. If you're not currently participating now is a great time to start.

Learn more about the ablation feature: For more information about the Get With The Guidelines-AFIB ablation feature, please fill out the form below.

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