Sesame Street characters teach heart-healthy lessons to preschoolers

Updated:Nov 18,2013

Sesame Street characters teach heart-healthy lessons to preschoolers

When Sesame Street characters talk about heart health, your kids may listen — and learn.

After five months of lessons from Sesame Street characters, preschoolers in Bogotá, Colombia improved their habits, attitude and knowledge about a heart-healthy lifestyle and were more likely to be at a healthy weight.

The kids’ parents also increased heart-healthy knowledge.

The program:

  • Emphasized caring for your body and eating a “rainbow” of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Referred to foods like cookies as “sometimes” food.
  • Taught that physical activity is a way to feel great and play with your friends.

These positive responses show that healthy habits should be taught early and integrated in school and family life, researchers said.
The American Heart Association also helps children develop healthy habits, including its preschool health program.


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