Mission: Lifeline® Hospital Awards

Updated:Sep 9,2015
Data submitted through ACTION Registry®-GWTG™, the approved Mission: Lifeline national registry program, is the basis for identifying award-level achievement on the part of participating hospital teams. Award winners are honored at regional conferences and gold and silver award winners are honored at national conferences and in a congratulatory ad in the Best Hospitals issue of U.S. News & World Report. Public recognition raises awareness of the need for effective STEMI systems of care as well as the lifesaving efforts of specific hospital teams. Currently, the recognition program applies only to STEMI systems of care. Plans are underway to expand the program to include cardiac resuscitation systems of care as well. To learn more about recognition requirements, please see our updated Mission: Lifeline recognition achievement measures or contact missionlifeline@heart.org.

To be eligible for recognition, a hospital must:
  • Be registered with Mission: Lifeline.
  • Have an executed data release consent form and hospital registration form.
  • Participate in ACTION Registry-GWTG.
  • UPDATED  Volume Requirements:
    • Receiving Centers (24/7 PCI Centers):  At least 9 STEMI patients in the award quarter for bronze and a minimum of 36 STEMI patients per year. For silver and gold there must be a total of at least 36 STEMI patients.
    • Referring Centers (non-24/7 PCI Centers):  At least 4 STEMI patients in the award quarter for bronze with a minimum of 10 STEMI patients per year. For silver and gold there must be a total of at least 10 STEMI patients per year.
  • Meet all Mission: Lifeline recognition benchmarks for specified timeframes (Mission: Lifeline recognition achievement measures).