A Purposeful Life: Jeanean M. Bryant

Purposeful Life: Jeanean M. Bryant

Jeanean M. Bryant

Jeanean M. Bryant


Gift Type: Life Insurance

When people meet Jeanean M. Bryant, they often notice her red dress lapel pin. Jeanean wears her red dress every day in honor of her mother Annie Bryant, and she proudly tells everyone what it means to her. “Wearing this dress makes me happy. It is part of me; reminds me that she’s still with me and I can persevere through anything. I’m a strong advocate for the American Heart Association.” Jeanean says. Sometimes individuals ask if they can have it.

Jeanean tragically lost her mom as a result of a home explosion. Prior to this, her mom was in a car accident that required her to have heart valve surgery. A pig valve was inserted, which was later replaced with a mechanical valve that prolonged her life. This was Jeanean’s first introduction to the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Jeanean does more than wear a red dress on her clothes to show her support of the American Heart Association. She hopes to influence people as an advocate, delivering the heart healthy message with honesty and love, and people listen. People like her Think. Respect. Ambassadors/Mentees at Detroit’s Mumford High School where she advised students for five years on securing college scholarships, grants and financial aid. As a mentor, Jeanean quizzed her students on the importance of heart health. “I asked my kids to tell me what a healthy heart meant before I gave them a red dress pin. I wanted them to research it” Jeanean says.

Jeanean fondly states “My scholars call me their mother and auntie. They know I have their best interests at heart. I tell them, I’ve got your back, your front, your middle and your sides.’”

Jeanean lives the association’s mission every day. She has been CPR certified for 23 years and recently became a CPR instructor. She models annually in the Go Red fashion show at her local Macy’s, walks in and raises funds for the Detroit Heart Walk. She has also designated the American Heart Association as a beneficiary of her life insurance in memory of her mother Annie Bryant.

When asked how she would like the association to eventually invest her life insurance gift, Jeanean doesn’t hesitate to reply. “I’d like for The American Heart Association to facilitate a program that educates young scholars on healthy lifestyles. If they get it when they’re young, it will live with them for a lifetime.”

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