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As a professional advisor you can help your clients in many ways as they consider creating a donor advised fund (DAF). By providing education on the many ways to fulfill their philanthropic goals you can garner stronger and more enduring relationships with your clients. Asking about your client’s interest in charitable planning demonstrates your support in helping them fulfill their broader values beyond management of particular assets.

For many people, establishing a donor advised fund allows them to create a legacy for themselves, their family and their community. Donor advised funds also allow parents to educate their children about the importance of philanthropy by involving their children in the charitable grant process. Children can also acquire valuable financial management skills as they sit together pondering which charities to fund and how much to provide.

With more than 80 billion dollars already contributed to donor advised funds, individuals have clearly embraced this opportunity as a great avenue for charitable gifts. Research and education of heart diseases and stroke are important issues to many families. An American Heart Association donor advised fund allows them to focus their philanthropy on these important issues while still benefiting other charities as well.

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