Charitable Gift Annuity

Updated:Jul 4,2014

A charitable gift annuity is an extraordinary way to make a gift, save a life, increase your income and slice your tax bill — all in one transaction. Our gift annuity program is a service to our many friends who have expressed a desire to make a gift of significance while still retaining income from the gift property during their lives. 

How it works:

yellow circle 1  You transfer cash or securities to the American Heart Association.

yellow number 2 The American Heart Association pays you, or up to two annuitants you name, fixed income for life.

yellow number 3 The principal passes to the American Heart Association when the contract ends.


  • Your annuity payments are guaranteed for life and are backed by a reserve and the assets of the American Heart Association.
  • You receive tax deduction savings for a portion of your gift, if you itemize.
  • You receive partial tax-free payout. Your annuity pay payments are treated as part ordinary income, part capital gains income (15 percent), and part tax-free income.
  • You receive preferred treatment of capital gains.
  • You get the satisfaction of making a significant gift that benefits you now and the American Heart Association later.

Annuity Options/Rates

When creating your gift annuity with the American Heart Association, you can choose to name one annuitant or two.  A gift annuity with one annuitant (a one-life gift annuity) and a gift annunity with two annuitants (two-life gift annunity) offer the same advantages. The difference between the two is that the payments for a two-life gift annunity are made over the lives of two people. The charts below show the rates for payments for both options.


For More Information

Request a personal no-obligation calculation of how a charitable gift annuity can benefit you and/or our gift annuity guide, Security in a Tough Economy: The Charitable Gift Annuity. You can also contact the charitable estate planning representative in your area so that we can assist you through every step of the process.

NOTE:  We urge you to consult with a qualified adviser before making a final decision regarding any planned gift to the American Heart Association. This is not an insurance product. Payments are based on rates suggested by the American Council on Gift Annuities and are backed 100 percent by the American Heart Association’s own assets.