Hey Kids, Don't Smoke or Use Smokeless Tobacco

Updated:Aug 27,2014

Avoid Smoke and TobaccoIf your friends ask you to try smoking or smokeless tobacco, say no! Here’s why.

Smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco (also called dip, snuff or chew) are some of the worst things you can do to your body. Just smoking a few cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco a couple of times might make you addicted, and it can be very hard to quit.

Using ANY tobacco product damages nearly EVERY organ in your body and can cause heart disease and cancer. Using smokeless tobacco is NOT a safe alternative to smoking!

Why is smoking so bad for your health?

Tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine that gives smokers a pleasant feeling. People get addicted to that good feeling. Tobacco products have lots of other poisonous chemicals in them. These toxic substances destroy your body over time, especially your heart and lungs.

Some of the 7,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke and smokeless tobacco are also found in a long list of things — from nail polish remover to batteries to gasoline to rat poison and much more.

Avoid smokers too!

Breathing in smoke from someone else who is smoking is called secondhand smoking, and it’s also hazardous to your heart and lungs too. When it comes to smoking and smokeless tobacco products, there is only one way to go to keep your heart healthy: Stay away! REMEMBER: If you can smell the smoke, the chemicals are getting into your body!

Peer pressure: What if your friend wants you to use tobacco?
Let’s face it, saying “no” isn’t always easy. It can be especially difficult if you have to say “no” to your friends. Most of us worry about fitting in and what others will think of us. But if you’re worried that you’ll lose your friend over smoking or using tobacco, you may want to take a closer look at the friendship.

A true friend will respect your decisions. Someone who ditches you for not taking orders from them was never a true friend in the first place. Also, you may discover that some of your other friends secretly feel the same way you do! It takes courage to say “no” but you can do it! Actually, MOST teens have made the decision not to use tobacco. If you plan ahead, it’ll be much easier to stay strong and stick to your goal.

What are my choices?

If someone wants you to try smoking or using other types of tobacco, here are a few ways to say “no.”

Decide which way works for you.
  1. Be direct. If a friend asks you, “Hey, do you want a smoke?” … say, “No. I don’t want to.” And sound like you mean it. If you say no every time they ask, they will eventually stop asking.
  2. Change the subject. If a friend asks you, “Hey, do you want a cigarette?” … say, “No, but let’s go play basketball, or to a movie or go for a walk.”
  3. Have a good joke, comeback line or smart response ready. If a friend says, “Come on, everyone smokes.” … say, something funny like, “No thanks, I’m a big fan of breathing.” Or, “No thanks, I am not a butt kisser.” (Get it? Cigarette butts? HA!) Or try a smart response such as, “No thanks, cigarettes have a lot of really nasty chemicals in them that I don’t want in my body.”
  4. Walk away. If you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to say anything, you can simply walk away. It’s as easy as that.
  5. Blame it on something else. Use an excuse to say “no,” like, “My mom wants me home now. Got to go!” or “It’s not worth getting in trouble over it.”
  6. Avoid the situation. If you see your friends sneaking around with tobacco, you can decide to do something else besides hang out with them. It may be really hard, but if your friends don’t respect your right not to smoke, try hanging out with some people who will.
Pick your favorite way to say “no” and try it out. Get comfortable saying it in front of a mirror or write down what you’ll say to someone who wants you to smoke. Be prepared to use more than one choice if necessary.

Here are some questions you can ask a parent, teacher or other trusted adult.
  1. Did you ever face peer pressure to smoke? If so, did you say “no”? How?
  2. What are some of your favorite healthy tips to try instead of smoking?
  3. If you know someone who is sick from smoking-related causes, ask an adult whether they think that person regrets smoking.

Last reviewed 8/2014

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