Restaurant Operating Tips

Updated:Aug 10,2010

Fats - Two Cooks in Kitchen (restaurant resources header)

How will you make fried or baked goods without trans fat?  It can be tricky. Not every fry oil, shortening or deep-frying technique is ideal for every situation.  And you may not even realize all the places where trans fat is hiding.  Learn more about finding and replacing trans fat in your menu items. We’ve developed tips with the help of restaurant operators and bakers.  

Fats - Frying Shrimp (restaurant resources spot)
This section helps you gain a better understanding of different fry products available and how to get the most of them.

Locate the sources of trans fat in your kitchen – including those lurking in many prepared foods, partially pre-cooked foods and mixes.
Fats - Bakery Lady (restaurant resources spot)

This section helps you find current baking ingredients that contain industrially produced trans fat and switch to trans fat-free products with low amounts of saturated fat.