Words from the Heart - Katie Warrensford

Updated:Oct 6,2015

Passion Title
My passion is personal — my grandmother was saved by a drug-eluting stent that was developed through research funded by the American Heart Association. This allowed her to gain the strength she needed to have surgery a week and a half later. During that same time, I accepted a job offer from the American Heart Association. The work of the American Heart Association gave me 8 additional birthdays, Christmases, and other family gatherings that we would have never shared. She lost her battle with heart disease last year but the added years we had together will always drive my work here. The American Heart Association affects so many people. Not only did it impact my grandmother’s life, but also all the lives she’s touched. I see the passion of the volunteers and staff, and have never, even for one day, thought about doing anything else. I truly believe that if you’re not going to enjoy what you do, why do it?

Growth Title
All you have to do is look at the different positions I’ve held over the past nine years to understand the opportunities available to people here. I’m 30 years old, and I don’t know anyone my age who has had the experiences and responsibilities I’ve been offered at the American Heart Association. We have fantastic leaders in this organization and they have made it possible for me to be so successful.

Pulse Title
After working with the American Heart Association for nine years in three offices and two states, I still keep in touch with volunteers I met when I first began working here. I’ve had the opportunity to go into the school community and make heart disease real to kids who will be stewards of the American Heart Association for the rest of their lives. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of volunteers in every leadership role within organizations, each providing their own expertise to our cause. The way the community works together for the mission of the American Heart Association is phenomenal.

Rhythm Title
As the Vice President, Social Events in Atlanta, I manage the Atlanta Heart Ball and the Go Red for Women campaign and luncheon, in conjunction with a colleague focused on Individual Giving. The Heart Ball is in its 30th year and is steeped in the tradition of Atlanta philanthropy. It is a not miss event for Healthcare, Industry, and philanthropic leaders throughout Atlanta. The Go Red for Women Campaign and luncheon is the American Heart Association’s campaign to educate women about their heart disease risk. We work with women across Atlanta to Speak Up to Save Lives.

Career Progression Title
Katie has been with the American Heart Association since 2001:
Regional Director, North Georgia
Youth Market Director, Atlanta, Ga.
Vice President, Youth Markets, Southeast Affiliate
Senior Vice President, Youth Markets and Train To End Stroke, Southeast Affiliate
Vice President, Metro-Nashville, Tenn., Greater Southeast Affiliate
Regional Vice President for Metro Atlanta START! Heart Walk, Greater Southeast Affiliate
Vice President, Atlanta Heart Ball, Greater Southeast Affiliate
Vice President, Social Events, Greater Southeast Affiliate