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Thank you for your interest in the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement in Philadelphia. Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women, and are the causes of death for more women than men.

The Go Red campaign asks us to raise women’s awareness of their risks and to tell the people you know about the importance of staying heart healthy. You could be the single connection to saving a life, simply by sharing your knowledge about women and heart disease.

Go Red is fortunate to have the support of national presenting sponsor Macy’s. Special thanks go out to the Lankenau Heart Institute at Main Line Health, the Greater Philadelphia Goes Red Champion. Since 2007, this incredible partnership has delivered year-round visibility and has brought  the message of this powerful cause to light. We are proud and feel privileged to work in partnership with Main Line Health.

Together, with Main Line Health, we have enrolled 20,000 Philadelphia-area women in Go Red. They receive newsletters with guidance to transform their overall health through small, simple choices.

Building on our successes of the past, we have been able to take the Go Red movement to new heights in 13 years. I invite you to browse these pages to see how we engaged women throughout the Philadelphia region in exciting events, the iconic Red Dress Fashion show and the eagerly anticipated annual Go Red Luncheon.

Your support has helped to make the red dress a national symbol for women and heart disease awareness, more than 670,000 women's lives have been saved, but the fight is far from over.  In Pennsylvania, an extraordinary number of women die each year from heart disease and stroke.  It simply does not have to be that way.

I hope you will join us in the fight against heart disease in women, starting today.

First, take charge of your own heart health. Visit your doctor. Know your numbers!
Second,  share your time as a volunteer locally, on a committee or in support of one our fun and exciting annual events.
Third, consider making a contribution. Your donation today will make a difference in the lives of women here and across the country.
I would like to thank all of you who have given your time, talent and resources to the past year’s campaign. With your commitment, we can help women and their families live longer, stronger lives.

Again, many thanks for your generous support!

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Laura Hollot
Executive Director/VP Philadelphia
American Heart Association


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