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My Heart. My Life.


The American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life. is a comprehensive new health, wellness and fitness platform to empower Americans to get healthier. A key goal of My Heart. My Life. is to increase the number of people who understand the link between their health and their risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s an important component of the American Heart Association’s overarching goal: to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent and to reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20 percent by the year 2020.

My Heart. My Life. provides many programs and resources to help all Americans achieve the 2020 Impact goal. These fun and engaging programs are designed to encourage participation from all age groups, and to bring communities together. Through My Heart. My Life. programs, we all can improve their cardiovascular health. 

 Walking Clubs 
A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. You can reduse your risk and have fun by joining a local walking club.

 Lifestyle Change Nomination Form
As you make progress on your journey to a healthier you, we want to know about it - and recognize you for your success. You can nominate yourself - or someone you know.
National Walking Day 
On this day, employees are encouraged to wear sneakers to work and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk.

 American Heart Associaiton Heart WalkCelebrate at the Heart Mini
Join thousands of your friends, neighbors and co-workers as we gather together to raise money to fight heart disease and celebrate the steps we are taking to create a healthier Cincinnati.
Fit-Friendly Companies
Worksite wellness programs can help prevent factors for cardiovascular disease and help lower healthcare costs. Implementing such programs in your company will help protect your greatest resources – your employees.
 Teaching Gardens
Healthy habits start at a young age. Teaching Gardens engages students while teaching them about healthy living.

 For more information, contact :

Heart Mini Team - 513-281-4048


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