Go Red For Women Storytellers Program

Updated:Feb 2,2015
Heart disease is the No.1 killer among American Indians and Alaska Natives. In addition, American Indians and Alaska Natives die from heart disease and stroke at a younger age than any other ethnic group in the United States. In fact, 36% of American Indians and Alaska Natives that die of heart disease will do so before the age of 65.  At the same time, self-reported risk factors of heart disease, such as obesity, diabetes, commercial tobacco usage, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and physical inactivity, are much higher than national averages.

Your leadership can have a significant impact. Become an American Heart Association Go Red For Women Storyteller.

As a leader in Indian Country, you have the ability to shape the future.
Because your voice is heard, you can educate.
Because when you speak, our people listen.
Because your influence is felt, you can change behaviors and invigorate traditional healthy behavior.
Because your call is answered, you can mobilize others to work with you.
Shedding light on heart disease is one of the most honorable ways you can use your power on behalf of the community.

Everyone has their own special talents and interests. For that reason, we’ve kept the Storyteller program flexible, inviting you to use your own style and creativity in spreading the word about heart disease and stroke among our people. The one common element in every storytelling activity is the goal: Increase awareness among members of the American Indian and Alaska Native community about our heart disease and stroke risk and the steps we can take to lower our risks.

Contact Rachel Crawford, Native American Director for more information, then take one of the following steps towards bettering your community.

Getting American Indian and Alaska Native women and men to join the Go Red For Women movement is the first step toward heart health. We know that 96 percent of individuals who sign up to join the Go Red For Women® campaign have made at least one choice to improve their heart health! As a Go Red For Women® Storyteller, we encourage you to to sign up to join the movement and to encourage those around you to do the same!

Share Your Story
Tell us and those around you about the impact heart disease, stroke or risk factors have had on your life.  Wilma Mankiller said, “Knowledge is valuable, and those who fail to pass it along are dooming others to repeat mistakes.” By sharing your story you will start a conversation that can save a life. Contact Rachel Crawford, Native American Directorr for more information.

Host a Wear Red Day Event
Wear Red Day is a terrific and fun way to increase heart health awareness among American Indians and Alaska Natives. Our Go Red For Women campaign has a powerful and passionate message. Much like our culture and traditions teach us that the color “red” represents knowledge and harmony. By blending your story and traditions with our heart healthy message, we can make a positive impact. Visit www.goredforwomen.org for additional resources.

Be an Advocate!
Join our You’re the Cure network and take action! We make it easy for you to let your voice be heard by providing a direct link to your local representative and a form letter that addresses government funding for heart and stroke prevention, fighting obesity, and improving heart and stroke care. Sign up today at www.yourethecure.org.