Program and Event Logos

Updated logos are being added below on a continual basis.  If you don't see the program or event logo that you need below, you can find it here.

Program & Event Logos

Program & Event Logos are provided in Adobe Illustrator EPS (vector) file format, Adobe Photoshop JPG, TIF format (raster), and PNG files. They are provided in the most commonly used color combinations. If available, the Logo Guidelines are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. For more information on logo or icon usage, see the Branding Guidelines PDF. When downloading an icon file:

-Right click (control click–Macintosh) on the desired link, which is indicated by the underline.
-Select “Save target as”
-Save the file to your desktop
-Import the file into the program of your choice

The displayed icons are low resolution and suitable for screen viewing only (not printing).

* CMYK logos = 4 color process printing, mixing four colors to make each single color, runs through the press 4 times
* SPOT logos = is any color generated by an ink  that is printed using a single run