Day at the Stadium

Updated:Oct 12,2016


Act like you are going to an NFL Stadium without having to leave the classroom! Get out of your car, walk through the turnstile, walk up stadium steps, squat at seat, team scores—signal touchdown and jump up and down, give 5 people a “high 5” since you won the game, walk down the stadium steps, walk through the parking lot, get back into your car. Repeat activity.

Here is a sample script you can use with your students!
“Today we’re taking an imaginary trip to a football game. We’re going to go see the Super Bowl! I’ll walk you through the trip and you all act out what I’m saying.”
 “You’re in the parking lot. Get out of the car and take the long walk to the entrance of the stadium (After 10 seconds). Let’s walk a little faster if you don’t want to miss kickoff. It’s just a little farther to go (After 10 seconds). Now you’ve made it to the entrance. Walk through the turnstiles (After 10 seconds). Oh that turnstile is stuck. Push hard to get through (After 10 seconds). Now walk up the stadium steps. Keep climbing those steps. Your seats are up high at the top of the stadium so keep climbing. (After 10 seconds).
Now you’ve found your seat. Sit down in your imaginary seat. The game has started and – YES! – touchdown! Celebrate! Jump up and down (After 10 seconds). Give at least five people high fives to support your team. Do the wave…and back again. We scored again. Jump up and down. Give at least five people high fives. We won. Game’s over. Walk back down the stadium steps and down and down and down and down and down (After 15 seconds). Go out through the turnstiles. Uh-oh we got the sticky one again. Push hard (After 10 seconds). Go out into the parking lot and take that long walk to your car – and walk and walk and walk.” (After 10 seconds).
“You did a great job. Let’s all take a deep breath. Let it out slowly and leave the world of football and return to our classroom."