HIV Healthy Living and Wellness Goals

Updated:Jun 24,2015

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Mychael Patterson was diagnosed with HIV in 1997. In this video, Mychael describes how he and some of his co-workers have joined together to pursue better health and positive life changes. Gain encouragement from his story and discover how you can enjoy these benefits, too.


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Dr. Marshall Glesby, HIV researcher and practitioner, explains how you can incorporate wellness goals into your daily lifestyle, and make good health a part of your daily routine.

Everyone needs wellness goals

No matter who you are, simple lifestyle changes like eating heart-healthy foods and getting enough physical activity can tip the scales in your favor against cardiovascular disease, and that holds true for people who are HIV-positive, too.

Find out the measurable steps you can take to live a heart-healthy life with HIV. You can find more information about these steps on this website and at Life's Simple Seven. If your healthcare provider recommends additional medication to help lower your cholesterol or triglycerides, staying on your treatment plan is an important part of living well.

So here's the good news about your HIV. It is treatable! It is possible to live a "normal" life, so never assume that your goals for your life must go by the wayside. In fact, you should still plan for retirement. Expect to enjoy your children and your grandchildren if you have them, just like everyone else. The key difference for you is that you have an additional risk factor over someone who is HIV negative.

Everyone needs to do these seven things to live a life free of cardiovascular disease. For the HIV-positive person, you simply have one extra reason to focus on excellent health. When your CD4s and viral load are at goal, you can move on prevention.

Life's Simple 7

We all need to live by this list of cardiovascular wellness goals. With a focus on healthy living, you can:

Each one of these can be reduced to a simple goal. Remember, you don't have to learn it all in one day, but by addressing each area with action items each day, you will learn to live a healthier life. Although it may be a challenge at first while you determine exactly how you are going to have to change your life in order to get 30 minutes of physical activity each day, you can figure it out and get used to it. And once it's a part of your routine, you really start enjoying the benefits. Same with reducing cholesterol. Getting active and eating a heart-healthy diet really can reduce your cholesterol significantly! It does take time to build new habits, but you can do it.

Getting active and eating a heart-healthy diet really can reduce your cholesterol significantly! It does take time to build new habits, but you can do it. If you'd like a convenient and secure way to share and track your progress with your healthcare provider, visit Heart 360.

HIV and Your Heart

We are here to help you. You can embrace everything life has to offer you if you can commit to progress and honesty. If you get discouraged with your progress, don't give up! If depression is a factor, there's help for that too. But ask yourself what you can do with 10 minutes to make improvements to your health today. Then tomorrow, invest 20 minutes. And it won't be long before you're back on track. You've got a lot to live for and we wish you the best in your journey.

Your Wellness Checklist

We've designed a checklist to help you understand and reach your goals for wellness. To achieve your healthiest life and to reduce the amount of medication you might need, you can target these 7 areas listed above for cardiovascular wellness and 2 additional areas for HIV wellness. We have also provided a PDF version of the tool that you can print and take it with you to your doctor visits so you can plan and customize your goals with your healthcare provider.

Keeping a Healthy Outlook

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Sometimes managing chronic health conditions can seem overwhelming. Learn how to simplify the task and positively manage your health.

My Life Check Assessment

To find out where you stand with Life's Simple 7®, take the My Life Check® Assessment. In just a few minutes, you can get your own personal heart score and life plan.

Life's Simple 7

Live better with Life's Simple 7® - seven easy steps you can take to improve your health.

HIV Wellness Checklist

People living with HIV have even more reason to take care of cardiovascular factors for good health.Wellness Checklist Thumbnail

By using this simple checklist, you can know exactly where you stand according to the guidelines for wellness.

As with all guidelines, your health practitioner may have solid reasons for prescribing different personal wellness goals for you.

Take the HIV Wellness Quiz

Test your knowledge and find out where you need to learn more about reaching your healthiest potential in life.