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Updated:Mar 22,2012

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Length: 2:48

Cardiologist Dr. Salim Virani offers motivation and success strategies for anyone who sets goals, but often fails to enjoy the results of meeting the goals. What are the key ingredients for goal-setting success?

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Play Button (Arrow) for VideoWhy Set Goals?
Length: 0:54

We often take our health for granted and fail to realize the importance of setting goals for maintaining our good health. Cardiologist and wellness expert Dr. Lori Mosca reflects on the importance of setting and owning our goals for wellness.

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Plan your strategy for wellness

While being diagnosed with HIV can be scary, it's not a death sentence. There's a lot of good news for HIV patients today. By following prescribed treatment programs, you can enjoy all that life has to offer. Learn how you can make a strategy for living your healthiest life.

Treated HIV can lead to a full and healthy life

With advances in medicine today, people living with HIV can have a nearly normal lifespan. The better the overall health of an HIV-positive individual, the better the chances for living well.

Watch Mychael Patterson and hear his story about living daily with HIV.

HIV and Your Heart – Understand your risk factors and make your plan

Because HIV can potentially damage the arteries and create chronic inflammation, it is important for HIV-positive individuals to pay particularly close attention to cardiovascular wellness. By tracking your cardiovascular important health numbers, you can give yourself the best opportunity to make the most out of life.

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