Week 10: Choosing To Stay Focused

Updated:Sep 16,2010

'New' Keeps My Motor Running

Playing softball on Saturdays has been great. And while at the park, I met two new buddies, Fran and Mariana. Sometimes we walk together. Mariana's kids even call me "Uncle Joe" now.diabetes_tools_GoalsGuide_week10_image

I'm stronger and have more stamina than I've had in years. I'm also antsy to try something different. I like to run, but an old knee injury forces me to pace myself. A mountain bike might be fun. I've also always wanted to try salsa dancing. Since Danielle's feeling a little left out, I asked her to take lessons with me. Wait till she finds out how much energy 30 minutes of salsa takes!

Some days I'm tempted to slack off. All I have to do to get my butt moving again is to review some of my entries from Week 1. I was so burned out then that I didn't realize how out of shape I was. I tried to do too much too soon. (My mind said "yes" but my body said, "Whoooooa, Fella!"). Good thing I started slowly with my walking — exactly what I needed.

I went to the doctor to get checked out. She was very impressed with what I was already doing for exercise and how I had changed my eating choices. She ran some blood work and told me that my blood glucose level looked normal. Even with that, she stressed how important it was for me to make these changes for my future health. With that in mind, I told her I still want to stop smoking but am afraid I'll gain weight if I try. Together, we're going to work on a plan to help me kick this bad habit. Funny how things work out. I didn't get that big promotion, but I made some great new friends. Life's definitely looking better now.

-- Joe

Onward and Upward
Challenge yourself to try something new occasionally. New activities fight off boredom and keep you motivated. Keep looking for new ways to be active at work, at home and in your community. Plan to exercise when you're traveling. Pack an exercise video, and choose a hotel that has an exercise room and safe walking or running paths nearby. Constantly look for ways to fit fitness into your day. Seek support and find resources for getting moving at the MyStart! Community.

Power Up With Positive Thinking
Looking on the bright side is energizing and rewarding. Positive thinkers get things done. But negative thoughts produce negative behavior, which we don't need when trying to change for the better. Review Week 4 and the suggestions for turning a negative thought or situation into a positive one.

Your Numbers Count!

Cholesterol levels, blood pressure numbers and your body mass index are good health indicators. Regular physical activity and healthy eating are unbeatable partners in reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index to healthier levels.

Read All About It: The Good, The Bad and The Total!

Yes, there is good cholesterol. Honest.

HDL cholesterol
The "good" type returns to your liver and is processed or removed from your body. Removal helps prevent cholesterol from building up in your arteries. A high level of HDL cholesterol (60 mg/dL or higher) helps lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

LDL cholesterol
The "bad" type can build up in your arteries and slow or block the flow of blood to your heart. A high level of LDL cholesterol (160 mg/dL or higher) raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Cholesterol Levels (mg/dL) Low Risk Borderline-High Risk High Risk
Total cholesterol less than 200 200–239 240 or higher
LDL ("bad") cholesterol less than 100 130–159 160 or higher
HDL ("good") cholesterol 60 or higher the higher the better less than 40

Learn more about cholesterol.

Check Your Choices: More Please!
The more you exercise, the easier it becomes. Over the past 10 weeks, your body has responded to increased physical activity by becoming more effective and efficient.

You don't have to work as hard now to do the same job as before. But don't stop at the minimum recommendations. Aim for more. The more physical activity you do, the more you benefit your cardiovascular system.

Staying Motivated

Start Date _____________________

Steps For Success S M T W T F S
I shared my diabetes success story.              
I thought about a new activity that I would like to try.              
I prepared a diabetes-friendly recipe.              
I reviewed my benefits for physical activity in Week 4.              
I ate 5 servings of fruit and veggies on 6 or more days this week.              
(For persons with diabetes) I recorded my blood sugar.              
I was physically active this week. (Check days you were active.)              
Type of activities I did.
Walking Swimming Mowing Stretching exercises
Cycling Activity class Gardening Strength training exercises
Jogging Climbing stairs Cleaning Other _____________
I found support and motivation in the MyStart! Community.
Amount of time I was active. (Write minutes under day of the week.)              
I increased the amount of time I was physically active this week or the number of steps I walked.              
Write your feelings about being physically active this week.

How did you feel about the food choices you made this week?

Write down the reward you chose for meeting your goals this week.



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