Week 12: Give Yourself A Hug!

Updated:Apr 14,2017

I'm Doing It For Me Now!

I know my health should have been a good enough reason to change. But, honestly, it wasn't. I just wanted to feel pretty again. Vanity can be useful. diabetes_tools_GoalsGuide_week12_image

It's been hard finding someone to watch my kids so I can go walking. I still get a little cranky when I have to work so hard just to find 30 or 40 minutes to myself. But now, if my fangs start showing, I walk the stairs a few times (even when I don't need to go anywhere) or dance with my kids in the living room. My outlook changes quickly and the kids love it.

I've only lost about 8 pounds, but I have more energy and my clothes fit better. My A1c is the best it has been in years and I am taking less insulin than before. The girls who take turns baby-sitting for each other asked if I would help organize a neighborhood walking club. I said yes. Then I immediately dialed my sister and told her that she needs to get moving and I'll help her. We have a history of type 2 diabetes in our family. Our mother developed diabetes and died of a heart attack when she was 58. But we don't have to die young.

-- Mariana

Lessons Learned
Like Fran, Joe and Mariana have learned some important lessons for success.

Keep moving, keep choosing

  • Change is a choice. It's not easy but if you want it and believe you can do it, you can.
  • Change takes commitment and a plan of action.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Identify your personal benefits and barriers and how to break through those barriers.
  • Find family and friends to support you with your physical activity and healthy eating habits.
  • Find simple ways to fit activity into your day.
  • Identify and avoid your traps and trip-ups.
  • A positive outlook and self-talk will reinforce your healthy choices.

Your new skills are important in maintaining your new habits. Practice them for a lifetime to keep enjoying the benefits you've achieved. Review your original list of barriers in week 1. Mark out the ones that aren't a problem for you. Has your list of benefits grown larger than your barriers?

Be Good To Yourself
Continue to reward yourself for choosing to stay active and eat healthfully. Create a goal each week and reward yourself with something special.

Check Your Choices: Stop, Think and Choose
Stop and take a deep breath before you make a choice that may not support your commitment to being physically active and eating healthy foods. Use the skills and strategies you learned to stay on track.


if you're tempted to make a choice that may not support your commitment to an active lifestyle and healthful eating habits.


about your progress during these 12 weeks and the personal benefits you're enjoying.


the best solution after weighing the benefits and barriers for your options. Choose to share your skills with someone else. Become part of the buddy system, but on the giving end. Having others depend on you will help you continue to succeed.

Tell other people about The Heart of Diabetes. The program will help change their lives and continue to change yours. Contact your local American Heart Association for volunteer opportunities. Together, let's keep moving to stop heart disease before it takes someone else we love.

The Heart Of Diabetes Reach Your Goals Guide
Even though our 12 weeks with The Heart of Diabetes Reach Your Goals Guide is over, we want to keep in touch with you. Keep visiting The Heart of Diabetes to get information and updates about diabetes and physical activity. You can also receive updates from us by joining our Facebook profile page. Also, bookmark our Tools and Resources page so you can refer to it often.


Keep Moving, Keep Choosing

Start Date _____________________

Steps For SuccessSMTWTFS
I shared my diabetes success story.       
I compared my barriers in week 1 and week 12.       
I prepared a diabetes-friendly recipe.       
I stopped and thought about the benefits of being physically active and eating healthy foods before I made a choice.       
I have a plan for getting back on track after a lapse.       
I ate 5 servings of fruit and veggies on 6 or more days this week.       
(For persons with diabetes) I recorded my blood sugar.       
I was physically active this week. (Check days you were active.)       
Type of activities I did.
Walking Swimming Mowing Stretching exercises
Cycling Activity class Gardening Strength training exercises
Jogging Climbing stairs Cleaning Other _____________
I found support and motivation in the MyStart! Community.
Amount of time I was active. (Write minutes under day of the week.)       
Write your feelings about being physically active this week.

How did you feel about the food choices you made this week?

Write down the reward you chose for meeting your goals this week.



Reach Your Goals Guide