Jody R. - Shasta Lake, CA

Updated:Sep 17,2010

Age: 52
Name: Jody R. S
Location: Shasta Lake, CA


When I first learned I had Diabetes, I did not take it seriously. The biggest improvement is that since March of 2008 I have lost 100 lbs.

I loved salty snacks, I would eat a whole bag of chips with salsa & cream cheese almost daily, Regular 7-UP (A case a week), I would visit fast food drive-thru's almost daily and I loved eating a whole bag of Mother's Circus Cookies with pink & white frosting.

I started putting on weight when I was in high school as after my one brother passed away, my other brother had hopes of me being a beauty queen although I never would have been comfortable on a stage. I would eat even more when my brother would try to stop me with criticism. I did not learn about my other brother's hopes until I was nineteen years old and by then I had enough of him telling me what I could eat or not eat so I moved away from home.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II my physician at that time would just say my blood sugar was over 300, but he never told me what I was supposed to do about it. After my third time of having high blood sugar, I changed physicians to an Internist who sent me to a Diabetes Clinic and for Diabetes Counseling, plus he put me on Actos, Metformin and Glyburide. I was on Insulin for a short time, but my blood sugars would go to low.

When I first learned I had Diabetes, I did not take it seriously even though my Father was still alive and had already had his leg & foot removed. I did not take my Diabetes seriously until March of 2008, I ended up in the hospital with MRSA and my blood sugars went really high, for three days I had a fever of 104.7, I spent five days in the hospital and my best female friend from high school came to see me and she cried that she was afraid I was going to die and I needed to get better "Now"!

My best friends Mother passed away when we were in college and her Mother tried so hard to convince me to lose weight. My Mother, my Sister and my brother tried through the years to get me to stop excessive eating. My best friend crying, my Mother trying to come see me while she was having cardiac problems & was ill, then my dog not eating for almost a week made the biggest impression. Plus, every month getting a new Staph Infection due to uncontrolled sugars and having to have the Infection lanced by either my Internist or Diabetes Physician. Summer was awful on hot days, worse infection. I finally was able to get my blood sugars under control, my blood pressure dropped to within normal limits and my Cholesterol is within normal limits. I receive an Antibiotic twice a day that keeps the Staph infection away, except when I slammed into a wall & a old wooden picture frame sliding down the wall and crashing to the floor during a drop attack seizure. I had open wounds from the picture frame. Now I am healed up and taking the other antibiotic again as prescribed.

The biggest improvement is that since March of 2008. I have lost 100 lbs. I now weigh 240 lbs. I eat healthy at all three meals and my dinner meal usually has a red heart on it, showing it is heart healthy. When I was in the hospital I did not want to eat anything or I would be sicker, plus the dietitian from the hospital would visit me and try to find something that I would eat when I started feeling better. I would eat fruit and cottage cheese at lunch & dinner, at the hospital.

When I came home I decided I would eat what my Mother ate that was heart healthy by The American Heart Association! My Sister when she visits makes regular diabetic, heart healthy meals for my Mom and I. When she is not here I prefer just having a heart healthy Small TV dinner as does my Mother.

My advice to others is to take control of your life now, before it is to late and before you end up with MRSA. There are some days where I go to Subway or to a buffet, but I eat sensibly and I rarely eat any dessert even at home. I no longer have to take Insulin, Actos or Glyburide as my A1C is under control. My physician's all want me to exercise, which at one time I was walking six miles a day, now I am lucky if I can walk to the mail box without flipping like a fish, frontwards or backwards from Drop Attack Seizures. I do not hurt when I smack into walls or pavement, other then my head hurting, it is about two to three days later when I notice the bruises and the twisted ankles.

For guidance I talk to my best friend and my family, plus my physicians. I feel lucky now as I have lost 100 lbs and have been able to get my numbers under control even with my medical problems.



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