Community Programs

Community Programs

Less than one-third of sudden cardiac arrest victims receive immediate CPR from bystanders. Through a variety of programs, the American Heart Association is equipping people and communities to act in emergencies and ultimately save lives.

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Studies show that Hands-Only™ CPR, which only involves two simple steps, can be as effective as conventional CPR.

The American Heart Association works to save lives by encouraging CPR & AED training. Were you saved by CPR or an AED? Are you a rescuer or know about a rescue event? We want to recognize Heartsaver Heroes who stepped in to save a life. We are happy to honor anyone who has assisted in any part of our chain of survival, regardless of training or outcome.

Now teens have a fun way to learn the signs of cardiac arrest and the simple steps to save a life with the Be The Beat website. Check out interactive games, music, video, and chances to win prizes.