WSA Wills and Trusts

Wills & Trusts

We gratefully acknowledge the special individuals who have made arrangements for a deferred gift to the
American Heart Association and American Stroke Association during their lifetime.

A bequest to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association supports research, local community outreach, advocacy, public health initiatives and much more. Learn more:ResearchStrokeNewsLocal Updates

Below is the listing of the 2017-2018* donors.

2016-2017** donors can be found here.

2015-2016*** donors can be found here.

Paul Dudley White - $1,000,000+$500,000 - $999,999

Trust of Dionigi Brunetti – Alameda County, CA
In Memory of Charles F. Diegnau & Lenore Phillips Diegnau – San Francisco, CA
In Memory of Stella A. Gerson – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Dennis J. Weaver – Portland, OR

Trust of Mary Di Marco Fox – Menlo Park, CA
Estate of Samuel Kuflik – Las Vegas, NV 

$250,000 - $499,999 $100,000 - $249,999
Trust of Daisy C. Beauford – Portland, OR
Trust of Kuang Chin Cheng & Sophie Cheng – Laguna Woods, CA
Estate of Terry Allen Edwards – Long Beach, CA
Trust of Nathan & Hazel Hahn – Ventura County, CA
Trust of Jean R. Macchiavelli – Sacramento, CA
Estate of John R. Morrell – Seattle, WA
Trust of G. Edith Richardson – Alameda County, CA
Trust of Robert Edward Ruhe – Fullerton, CA
Trust of Mary Ella Stubbs – Canyon Lake, CA
Trust of Robert and Lucille Woosley – Verdi, NV
Trust of Geraldine J. Yorkis – San Mateo, CA

Trust of Evangeline Brown – Redding, CA
Trust of Marion E. Carpenter – Honolulu, HI
Trust of Arlene Susan Cohen – Camarillo, CA
Trust of Donna M. Cooney – Glendale, CA
In Memory of Daniel Robert Davidson – Riverside, CA
Trust of Ted Dennis – Grants Pass, OR
Trust of Therese Dolinszky – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Ferrie Fulton – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Rosemarie D. Georges – Laguna Hills, CA
Estate of Jonathan David Gest – Los Angeles, CA
Estate of Myrtle L. Kennedy – Olympia, WA
Trust of Dennis M. Kiyoguchi – Hooper, UT
Estate of Leon Lenz – Great Falls, MT
Trust of Gerald & Darley Marks – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Robert H. Matykiewicz – San Marcos, CA
Estate of Russell P. Morse – Seattle, WA
Trust of Michael T. Murphy – Phoenix, AZ
In Memory of Frank Palmer & Lilian Palmer – Honolulu, HI
Trust of Mary L. Polo – Santa Cruz, CA
Estate of Doris F. Potter – Ventura, CA
In Memory of Christine Powell – San Diego, CA
Trust of Susan G. Salus – Glendale, AZ
Trust of Warren & Elizabeth Schweers – Belmont, CA
Trust of Richard V. Smith – Redlands, CA
Trust of Joyce M. Steele – Hayward, CA
Trust of Agnes M. Swain – Scottsdale, AZ
In Honor of Roy and Lolan Wikman – Portland, OR
Trust of Helen Zysling – Visalia, CA 


$50,000 - $99,999$25,000 - $49,999
Estate of Frank Alberti – Lacey, WA
Trust of Marjorie Aquilino – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Margaret Burgess – Thousand Oaks, CA
Trust of Wanda K. O. Chang – Mililani, HI
Trust of Michael and Helen Feeney – Bellevue, WA
Trust of Lavon I. Frazee – Torrance, CA
Trust of Barbara E. Garfinkle – Port Angeles, WA
Trust of Herbert Granas – Sherman Oaks, CA
Trust of Louis & Muriel Halbig – San Marcos, CA
Trust of David Hall – Santa Ana, CA
Trust of Trude Ingram – Foster City, CA
Trust of Terrence F. Knight – Carson City, NV
Trust of Marguerite Lacy – Alameda, CA
Trust of Mabel M. Larson – Mesa, AZ
Estate of Velma Rose McLeod – Seattle, WA
Estate of Stella Milburn – Albany, CA
Trust of John C. Oakes – Santa Rosa, CA
Estate of Delores Simkin – Bellevue, WA
Trust of Friedel U. Volz – San Jose, CA
In Memory of Vievedie Metcalfe Weldon – La Cresenta, CA
Estate of Patricia A. Wikstrom – Seattle, WA
Estate of Robert L. Williams – Los Angeles, CA
Estate of Rosalie Zabbia – Torrance, CA
Trust of Jeanne M. Andre – Rancho Mirage, CA
Trust of Friedel B. Bekuhrs – Oro Valley, AZ
Estate of Howard Bier – Sherman Oaks, CA
Estate of Daniel G. Connolly, Jr. – Trenton, NJ
Estate of Tony Cooke – Woodinville, WA
Trust of Sylvia Giampaoli – Oakland, CA
Trust of Kenneth & Miriam Hillier – San Mateo, CA
Trust of J. Ralph & Dorothy Mecham – Salt Lake City, UT
In Memory of Victor G. Morgen, Sr. – CA
Trust of Charles Munn – WA
In Memory of Albert O. Ottinger – Walnut Creek, CA
In Honor of Edgar C. Raimundo – San Ramon, CA
Estate of Sonia E. Supple – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Alphonso Vallejo – Pasadena, CA
Dorothy White Charitable Remainder Unitrust – Arcadia, CA

$10,000 - $24,999$5,000 - $9,999

Trust of Kenneth L. Ball – CA
Trust of Shirley Barasch – Seal Beach, CA
Trust of Bryant and Inga Bennett
– Lafayette, CA
Trust of Deloris Blacksher – Arcadia, CA
In Memory of Veda Jonas & James C. Branch – Los Angeles, CA
Estate of Bari Brenner – Issaquah, WA
Trust of Leonardo Cavallaro – San Diego, CA
Trust of Martha Chao – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Karen Marie Clark – Marina del Rey, CA
Trust of Guyot Frazier – Seattle, WA
Trust of Jack & Virginia Grillo – San Francisco, CA
Trust of Cheryl Rae Downs Holgerson – Tucson, AZ
Trust of Lavon Jordan – Santa Barbara, CA
Trust of William & Vivian Kant – Burbank, CA
Estate of Janet Laingor – CA
Trust of Fay Lorraine Latta – Boise, ID
Trust of Hideo & Shizue Maruyama – Chula Vista, CA
Estate of Richard Mattfeld – Milpitas, CA
Estate of Louise H. McKelvie – Billings, MT
Trust of Estrella B. Molina – Cypress, CA
Trust of Beatrice Musson – Turlock, CA
Estate of John Cotton Nilson – Redwood City, CA
Trust of Nives Pia – Santa Rosa, CA
Trust of Arthur & Lillian Rutsch – Vista, CA
Estate of Irene Linda Salas – Santa Barbara, CA
Estate of Edward C. Silverberg – San Francisco, CA
In Memory of Judith Sorgen – CA
Trust of Audra Leona Thomas – La Mirada, CA
Trust of Mary Louise Thurow – Phoenix, AZ
Trust of James & Nancy Waterbury – Scottsdale, AZ
Estate of Gladys K. White – Glendale, AZ
Trust of Wilbur & Dolores L. Woo – San Francisco, CA

Dorothy M. Booth Charitable Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee
Trust of Jeanne M. Carter
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Trust of Lillian Castillo – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Helen M. Chase – Laguna Hills, CA
Trust of Joan R. Cooper – San Diego, CA
Trust of Robert & Beverly Donley – Bakersfield, CA
Estate of Angie Caswell Eadon – Valencia, CA
Trust of Hilde Geisen – Eugene, OR
Trust of Juergen Michael & Noreen Bryce Gruebl – Orange, CA
In Memory of Mary A. Hargrove – Salem, OR
Estate of Etta Mae Lewis – Federal Way, WA
Trust of Theodore & Shirley Liebovich – Los Angeles, CA
Trust of Leota E. Massie – Fresno, CA
Trust of Rita Muscat – Sonoma, CA
Trust of Louise R. Oakes – Santa Rosa, CA
Estate of Arliss A. Powell – Tucson, AZ
In Memory of Robert E. Skinner – Laguna Hills, CA
Trust of Frank & Jacqueline Sousa – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Maxine Thorkelson Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust – Fargo, ND
Trust of Mary Chel Unland – San Marcos, CA
Trust of Richard J. Vannucci – Castro Valley, CA
Trust of Wanda N. Wright – Wickenburg, AZ

*Gifts received from July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018
**Gifts received from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017
***Gifts received from July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016