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Here’s where the American Heart Association is helping kids and families to live heart-healthy lives:

  • Our Hoops For Heart programs have been in schools for more than 30 years, helping kids get active and learn the value of community service.
  • Kylee Shea, a 7th grader who had Sudden Cardiac Arrest at school, got a second chance at life because her school was equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and bystanders were trained in CPR. We’re working to have all schools equipped with these life saving tools.
  • We’re advocating legislation promoting quality physical and health education and increased physical activity opportunities in schools.
  • Got water? Or milk? Or even juice? We hope so because we collaborated with the beverage industry to get sugary sodas out of schools. Got broccoli or carrots? Great! We continue to work toward improved nutrition standards for K-12 graders.

Here's where you can help:

  • You + Us = healthy kids and a better future.  Donate today to make a difference in children's lives. 
  • Your donation will go towards one of our many youth program initiatives, including our Hoops For Heart Programs, teaching gardens, community kitchens and advocacy efforts.

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