Power to End Stroke Across Greater Boston

Updated:May 14,2013

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of freedom was reiterated through the words of his daughter, the late
Yolanda King: “We will only be truly free when we reach down to the inner depths of our own emancipation proclamation. No civil rights, no voting rights, no equal rights, no immigration rights are worth fighting for if we are dying from heart disease and stroke, “ she said while serving as a Power To End Stroke ambassador shortly after her mother, the late Coretta Scott King, suffered a stroke.

Be real. Be strong. Be proud. Be EMPowered. Be You. Power To End Stroke - You are the Power

Stroke is a leading cause of death among people of color, and the leading cause of long term disability.


  • Community Pillar – for those involved in Social groups and community organizations
    Join our social network on powerboston.ning.com, facebook, twitter
    Start a Power walking group
    Host a Power Day
    Host a PTES Family Reunion
  • HealthCare Pillar – for those involved in community health, public health, and medical professions
    Use the PTES materials for your community education and patient education and place posters in your waiting area
    Register patients and clients to the PTES movement
    Follow our Stroke guidelines
    Host a Power Day
    Show the PTES video in your waiting rooms for patient education
  • Faith Pillar – for those involved in religious institutions or social groups
    Host a Power Sunday
    Host a PTES Healthy Soul Food Cooking Day
  • Celebrity Pillar – for those who are local, national celebrities, sports figures, media figures
    Wear your Power pin everywhere
    Host a show, make an announcement, create a PSA
  • Advocacy Pillar – for those interested in raising their voice to be heard by local and state officials
    Join You’re The Cure and take action
    Write a letter to the editor
    Visit your local or state official
  • Funding Pillar – for those interested in fundraising through personal, company or foundations
    Donate $1
    Engage your company in donating to the cause
    Secure a corporate donation for the PTES campaign
  • Survivor/Caregiver Pillar – for those who have survived a stroke or are a caregiver of someone who has had a stroke
    Tell your story
    Meet with your local and state legislator
    Host a PTES Family Reunion