Numbers don't lie

Updated:Mar 27,2013

Heart360-computer-phone“Numbers don’t lie,” notes one of our Latina volunteers. “I finally found something that helps my family see that they need to take care of their health.” She is referring to Heart 360®, the American Heart Association online tool that helps people monitor blood pressure as part of their overall heart health, while also providing helpful advice and information.

Because hypertension increases risk for heart disease and stroke, screenings have always been an important part of our outreach to the Latino community. Now, Heart 360® lets people sign up to track and manage heart health on a regular basis. 

Heart360 KioskTo make the program more accessible, we work with local organizations to put blood pressure kiosks in public places. Earlier this month we launched the Heart 360® kiosk pictured at Latino Health Access in Santa Ana, CA. There were 78 individuals who signed up the first weekend it was available.

The importance of knowing your numbers was obvious for participants at a couple of our recent events. When a woman attending a National Wear Red Day event in Orange County, CA, registered an extremely high blood pressure reading, staff called 9-1-1. Emergency responders determined the woman was having a stroke. More recently at one of our healthy cooking workshops in Salinas, CA, a person was sent to the nearest hospital for treatment after a volunteer spotted alarming blood pressure numbers.

Sign up for Heart 360® now --  use this link and pass it on to family and friends.  A volunteer who assisted with our blood pressure screenings at the recent Telemundo Health Fair in Los Angeles, CA, recruited 10 family members to enter and track their blood pressure numbers. As she told them, “Numbers don’t lie!”