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Updated:Feb 18,2014

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Healthy Living & Prevention

Saint Luke’s Million Hearts: Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City

The pilot design and focus of Saint Luke’s Million Hearts® is to provide tools to transition ownership of blood pressure control to the consumer (our employees).  As a self insured organization, hypertension contributes to one of the top five health care costs in our health system.    During February to celebrate Heart Month, Saint Luke’s Million Hearts ? was launched at the Plaza campus with several employee engaging activities to start this transition.  An educational survey related to blood pressure and sodium to evaluate knowledge levels was sent out to +/- 3000 employees via Survey Monkey so that we could begin to tailor our educational messaging.  A custom built blood pressure kiosk with basic education and messaging was placed outside the cafeteria to encourage staff and visitors to check their blood pressure.  An internal walking trail called the Heart & Sole Walking Course was created to encourage employees and guests to walk their 10,000 steps daily.  Nutritional services created “Eat Well, Be Well” meals, snacks and side items that meet government calorie, salt and fat guidelines to assist employees with making healthier food choices.  One of our most controversial actions was the removal of the salt shakers from the cafeteria tables!   Mrs. Dash is offered as a substitute!  Lastly, the Women’s Heart Center has a salt display in our office to show employee’s how to read labels and make lower sodium choices while grocery shopping.  We are currently in the process of planning our next employee engagement steps and the beginning steps for Saint Luke’s Million Hearts® deployment to our other campuses. 

Mercy Blood Pressure Training Video
provided by Dr. Keith Ratcliff and the team at Mercy including Linda Kubiak, David O'Brien, Jeanette Hottmeyer, Pam Sikes, Dr. Carolyn Koenig and others.

Comments on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report:  MO Million Hearts Partners are encouraged to submit comments on the DGAC report. Comments are due on Friday, May 8, 2015. The report contains a wide-range of dietary and strategy recommendations, including: limiting sodium intake to no more than 2,300 mg or less for those with hypertension; limiting added sugar intake; reducing or eliminating sugar sweetened beverage intake; and avoiding partially hydrogenated oils.

Commentary on Making Sense of the Science of Sodium: This commentary published in Nutrition Today highlights the importance of sodium reduction, summarizes and clarifies results from the 2013 IOM report on sodium, and provides concise, evidence-based responses to recent research that questions the benefits of population sodium reduction.