Meet Ellie in Villa Park

Updated:Sep 20,2012

Ellie IL KWH survivorEllie delivered by emergency C-section and was immediately diagnosed with a supraventricular tachycardia. She spent her first five weeks in various hospitals where it was determined that she has Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW). This syndrome is in a category of electrical abnormalities called "pre-excitation syndromes." Ellie was finally discharged with her arrhythmia controlled through the combined prescriptions of Flecainide, amiodarone, and propranolol.

At the age of two, a catheter ablation procedure was attempted and unsuccessful. Consequently, complications from that procedure kept her in and out of the hospital and doctors office for the next few months.

In addition to her heart condition, Ellie was also diagnosed with Hemiplegia. This is a cerebral palsy that results in the paralysis on one vertical half of the body.

Ellie now keeps her arrhythmia maintained with a minimal amount of atenolol. She continues to be treated at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago where her long term prognosis continues to improve. 

It is with generous donations that medical research has found treatments for Ellie’s condition and has allowed her to be like other kids, without constant worry about her medical condition. Please help the American Heart Association help more kids like Ellie.