Meet Christian in Larned Kansas

Updated:Sep 26,2012

Christian Bauk at birthWhile pregnant, Christian’s mother found out that her son was going to be born with a congenital heart defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), which means that he was going to be born with an underdeveloped left side of the heart.

The aorta and left ventricle would be too small and the holes in the artery and septum would not have properly matured and closed. 

Christian B. was born on January 5, 2004, in Wichita Kansas, but 2 days later he was sent to Motts Children’s Clinic in Ann Arbor Michigan for treatment. 

Christian had his first surgery on January 10th when he was only 5 days old.  Then at the age of six months he had his second surgery, and a third surgery took place when he was about one year old. 

Christian Bauk 2nd grade
As a single mom, Tina, Christian’s mom, was helped out by Christian’s big brothers in caring for their baby brother.  Christian has experienced additional problems, including problems with his thyroid, due to his heart medication. 

Christian is also lactose intolerant and experiences acid reflux.  He now takes seven medications daily including medication for his thyroid, and sees his doctor on a monthly basis.

Some day Christian may have to have more surgeries, but right now he is doing well and is just a normal 2nd grader.  He plays sports and likes school.  He has lots of friends that he spends time with along with his family. 

His mom, Tina, says, “We are very happy with everything and are proud of him and our family for all we have gone through and that he goes through” due to his heart defect.