Indianapolis Circle of Red

Circle of Red LogoCircle of Red is composed of dynamic, committed, and passionate individuals who have the influence and resources to significantly impact the community. These ambassadors provide a personal commitment to finding a cure for heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women.

Circle of Red Benefits - Diamond Membership $2,500
  1. Circle of Red Pin with one diamond added for each year of membership
  2. Two tickets to the Go Red For Women Luncheon on in February 2015
  3. Special recognition from the podium at the Indianapolis luncheon
  4. Opportunity to participate in a Go Red For Women photo shoot, to appear in local publications
  5. Invitations to exclusive Go Red For Women events
  6. Listing in the Indianapolis luncheon program as a Circle of Red Diamond Member
  7. Two tickets to the Heart of Gold Ball on May 17, 2014

Read some of the reasons these women are committed to Go Red.  If you are interested in joining the Indianapolis Circle of Red, please contact Julie Petr.

Darcy Burthay  Indy CORDARCY BURTHAY
Home Health Services with Ascension Health
2014 Luncheon Chair
When I was asked to chair the 10th Anniversary Go Red for Women movement last year, I did not hesitate to say YES! But as I started preparing for this journey, I reflected on my own health and well-being. Was I taking the best care of my own heart? Was I eating right and exercising regularly? The answer was NO. I made the commitment to lead by example. So I joined “Get in Shape for Women” and I now exercise regularly, eat healthier meals, and feel fabulous. I made that commitment for me and my family.  Now I am asking you to make that same commitment. Join me in living a healthier lifestyle and participating in the Go Red for Women movement.

Dawn Tabler  Indy CORDAWN TABLER
Circle of Red Co-Chair
Go Red For Women and Circle of Red have my support in every way because I, and many others, live with a heart condition. Go Red funds research on heart disease that directly impacts women. All of our Circle of Red activities and funds help women to live longer, stronger lives, and as such, be a positive force for others.

Community Heart & Vascular
As a healthcare provider in the area of stroke for the past 20+ years, I have a passion to raise the awareness of women regarding their personal risk factors and management. As has been stated by many practitioners, women continue to regard breast cancer as a great risk and do not realize that 1 in 3 women die due to cardiovascular disease. It is very interesting that we now have increased knowledge regarding the unique stroke risk factors incurred by women. The time is know for all women to increase their personal knowledge so they may improve their personal health along with that of their mothers, daughters, and friends.

Roche Diagnostics

Circle of Red - Co-chair

Being a part of the Circle of Red is a privilege that allows me to touch the lives of other women. The contributions to the AHA, funds research which saves lives. I am blessed to be able to volunteer with so many wonderful women.

Global Orientations
Each year I have been proud to be a part of the Heart Walk as a member of Team McVicker's Tickers in support of my daughter who had pacemaker surgery in 2010. The team is honored to play a small part in the American Heart Association's goal of raising heart health awareness and wholeheartedly support their mission.


Fifth Third Bank
Nineteen years ago, my youngest son was born with a congenital heart defect after a completely routine pregnancy and delivery. He underwent open heart surgery at 18-months of age and is alive today thanks to the wonderful pediatric surgeons, doctors and nurses at the University of Maryland Hospital. Currently he is a healthy sophomore attending Indiana University with a few activity restrictions and a normal life expectancy. Not all children are as lucky. Even when a defect is treated as a child, further conditions may develop that would benefit from additional medical treatment. The American Heart Association has invested over $400 million dollars in life-saving research and it’s the largest funder of research next to the Federal government. I Go Red for my son and in support of the medical professionals committed to helping to improve and save the lives of children.

Dr. Polly Moore Indy CORDR. POLLY MOORE
Franciscan St. Francis Health
I support the Circle of Red because I like to see the additional efforts given to educate women about their risks of cardiovascular disease. If women understand their risks then they can change them. Then women can go on to take care of all of the other people in their lives to decrease their risks. This creates an ever widening circle of awareness and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

I support Go Red to honor my mother and grandmother, both of whom passed away of unexpected heart attacks in their early 50s. Heart disease has had a profound effect on many members of my family. Although I cannot choose my genetics, I choose to live a heart-healthy life and enjoy each minute of today and the future.

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