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Updated:Jun 12,2014

MO Capitol BuildingBy contacting our lawmakers through legislative visits, attending lobby days, sending e-mails, and your phone calls, we can achieve our goals and make Missouri a healthier place to live.  If you haven't already, please sign up for You're The Cure!

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Smoke Free Missouri - Show-Me a Brighter Future
As more communities pass smoke-free workplace laws, smoke-free coalitions are starting to form in cities near you.  Each day more and more findings are showing that secondhand smoke is deadly.  Show-Me A Brighter Future is a diverse coalition of Missouri organizations and individuals, including the American Heart Association and other educational and health organizations and has proposed a statewide petition initiative that will help address Missouri’s health, smoking and school funding problems through a $.73 tax increase per pack of cigarettes and increased taxes on other tobacco products. Increasing the price of tobacco products is a proven way to decrease smoking rates and will generate an additional $283 million annually in new revenue for Missouri schools and to fund smoking prevention programs.

Look for more information in the very near future about our plans to formally launch the campaign. In the meantime, you can help in the following ways:

  • Please visit our campaign online and sign up at
  • Contact your local city council and urge them to take action to protect the citizens in their community by passing a clean indoor air ordinance.
  • Get involved with a local clean indoor air coalition.
  • Write letters to your local newspaper about the benefits of being smoke-free and for businesses to go smoke-free.
  • Contact your American Heart Association to find out what’s going on in your area.
  • Websites that offer clean air news and opportunities for the community to get involved are listed below:
Tobacco Free Missouri
Breathe Easy Missouri

 Smoke Free St. Louis
Smoke Free Jefferson City
Smoke Free Joplin
Springfield One Air Alliance

Clean Air Kansas City

For more information about advocacy in Missouri, please contact:

Jace Smith
Director of State Advocacy, Missouri
Christy Dreiling
Regional Grassroots Advocacy Director - Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri
(913) 652-1918


Hearts for Health Care

Why reform matters buttonVisit Hearts for Health Care to learn what the new health care reform law means to heart disease and stroke patients and their families.

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