Advocacy in Michigan

Updated:Nov 24,2014

Lansing MI CapitolOur advocacy volunteers and staff work with lawmakers year-round to change public policies that affect the cardiovascular health of Michigan residents.  We need your help - register online to become an American Heart Association You're the Cure volunteer and start contacting your lawmakers today!. 

Michigan Advocacy Policy Priorities

Childhood overweight/ obesity
This piece of our policy agenda is shared with all of the organizations that are part of Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan.  It was jointly decided upon as the state policy agenda to begin to address childhood overweight/ obesity.

Physical Education and Health Education Requirements
Provide specific guidelines for health education and physical education instruction in grades K – 8 and outlining specifics for frequency and class size. 

  • State Nutrition Standards for the School Campus
    Statewide adoption of Michigan’s Nutrition Standards Recommendations for all foods available in Michigan Schools.
  • BMI Surveillance
    Advance regulation that would add BMI into the Michigan Care Improvement Registry
  • Child Care Nutrition Regulations and Physical Activity Guidelines
    Advance policies to improve nutrition standards and increase the required daily physical activity in child care settings.
  • Michigan Complete Streets & Safe Routes to School 
    Advance incentives and legislation to apply Complete Streets/Safe Routes to School (SRTS)/Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS), including safety of pedestrians and bicyclists when building, reconstructing, or rehabilitating public infrastructure.
Cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment funding
Secure and protect public funding and state appropriations that support cardiovascular disease programs and other public health initiatives targeted at heart disease, stroke, related risk factors and the disparities that exist in these areas.  Explore opportunities to generate and direct additional fiscal resources for these programs and initiatives. Support state efforts to leverage new and existing federal funds and grant opportunities to supplement (not supplant) these efforts.

Tobacco Control

  • Tobacco taxes
    Advocate for an increase in the Other Tobacco Products (OTP) tax with the funds being dedicated to prevention.
  • Smokefree Air
    Advocate against any legislation which would weaken our statewide smokefree law.

Acute Cardiovascular Care

  • Advocate for screening of student athletes that utilizes the American Heart Association’s 12- point screening guidelines.
  • Support Strong EMS Systems and EMS Triage and Transport Protocols
    Support public policy initiatives and other activities that promote a strong, well trained, data driven, quality EMS system that improves collaboration, responsiveness, and effectiveness. Assess, establish, encourage and promote the use of, and training on, ACC/AHA guideline based EMS triage and transport protocols for sudden cardiac arrest, acute MI and stroke patients to ensure access to timely and appropriate evidence-based treatments. The funding of the trauma system here in Michigan will allow for the set up of infrastructure to allow these other pieces to fall into place.

Healthcare Access, Cost and Quality

  • Implementation of Health Reform in Michigan
    Monitor opportunities within health reform implementation as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which includes a range of state requirements and options including state-based health insurance exchanges, insurance regulations, and delivery system initiatives. Promote opportunities for states to increase coverage for evidence-based preventive services with no cost-sharing through provisions that provide a 1% Medicaid FMAP increase to states that cover these services.

For more information about advocacy in Michigan, please contact:

Sarah Poole
Government Relations Director, Michigan
(616) 482-1508

Jason Harder
Regional Grassroots Advocacy Director
Michigan & Wisconsin

Ted O'Dell
Campaign Manager
Michigan Voices for Healthy Kids

2140 University Park Drive, Suite 210
Okemos, MI  48864
Telephone: (517) 349-3102
Fax: (517) 349-3240

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